Lucid Dreaming Resources and Tools

On this page, you can find  a detailed list of resources and lucid dream tools that purpose is to help you and improve your lucid dreaming journey.

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Lucid dreaming books

Whether you are a starter or an advanced conscious dreamer this Best Selling Lucid Dreaming Books can help you achieve a profound understanding of your dream world. Books can guide and teach us to lucid dream much faster! Check out the review of these 7 ”must-read” lucid dreaming books!

Lucid dreaming supplements

Lucid dream supplements can increase and make your dreams more vivid, they can improve your dream recall, increase the saturation of your dreams, help you to find more sense behind your dreams, and they can assist you to become more aware while you are dreaming! Get to know these supplements better in this article.

Lucid dreaming herbs

Lucid dreaming herbs can help you with your lucid dreams as well as to provide the rest that you need! They are proven enhancers of a good night sleep! What is more, they will support your lucid dreaming journey. You can also check the pros and cons of this 15 dream herbs!

Sleeping Masks

Some sleeping masks, that are ideal for travel, meditation, naps, and lucid dreaming. All of these are comfortable, durable, and sufficiently padded so no light gets inside. Check our review of these 15 sleeping masks and why they matter for lucid dreamers!

Dream Journals

For a successful dream recalling, a dream journal is a must-have, especially for lucid dreamers! Dream journaling will make dream recall much easier and they will help you to identify your ”dream symbols”. This is crucial for becoming conscious! 
You can recognize that you are in a dream exactly with the help of your dream symbols/signs! Read more about dream journaling here!

Lucid Dreaming Movies

Movies about lucid dreaming are the perfect way to inspire you and to catch the imagination like nothing else! The one below will take us on a conscious journey inside this fantasy world! For more ideas, feel free to check our list with our favorite 25 lucid dreaming movies.

White Noise Sound Machines

“White noise” is used as a general description of any type of constant, unchanging background noise. It works by masking the external sounds when trying to sleep, providing a good night sleep (which is an essential key to lucid dream is good sleep).